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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Jeff Psota

Relieving Pain and Injury With Chiropractic

After experiencing a football injury in high school, Dr. Jeff didn’t see any results with physical therapy and medical doctors. Instead, he visited a chiropractor and felt instantly better. “I thought, wow, there’s something cool about this.” Around the same time, he was also in a car accident, and a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic care worked to help him recover. Always having a knack for solving problems, Dr. Jeff enjoys working with people and helping them get better and live a more active lifestyle. Read more»

Dr. Dale Hadlock

Discovering What Chiropractic Can Do

An introduction to chiropractic during a tennis tournament changed Dr. Dale’s plans to become an optometrist. He was playing in a tournament with some pain having slept uncomfortably the night before. Adjusted in between matches at a chiropractic office, he returned and played much better. Though he’d been looking for pain relief, the rapid results left Dr. Dale feeling amazed and interested in the chiropractic profession. He shadowed the chiropractor to discover what the natural healing profession was about. Read more»

Dr. Dallis Rogers

Getting on the Path Toward Chiropractic

Always highly competitive in sports. Dr. Dallis thought he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon. “I planned on going to medical school and changed my mind at the last second. I decided instead to go to chiropractic college after I was treated by a chiropractor for the first time.” He likes the laid-back atmosphere at the practice and enjoys interacting with patients. Dr. Dallis is a member of the Kansas Chiropractic Association and has been featured on CBS twice about treating people with tech neck. Read more»


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