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Question MarkFAQ at Body Basics Chiropractic

At Body Basics Chiropractic we look at the body as a whole. While symptomatic relief is always our first concern it is our goal to determine what is causing your problem, rather than just focusing on symptoms. Many pain syndromes start as small problems that become larger problems over time. We focus on aligning the body and restoring proper movement patterns to prevent chronic strains and strains to the surrounding soft tissue.

How do we find the cause?

First we do an initial exam to determine the cause of the symptoms. During the exam we will check for abnormal movement patterns and tight muscles vs. weak muscles. We will also check for irregular movement patterns in the spinal column or extremity joints. We call these movement disorders subluxations. Subluxations are the loss of proper motion or position of the vertebral segments that cause irritation to the surrounding tissues and nerves causing muscle spasms, pain and a cascade of other symptoms.

After the exam we determine if further testing is needed. Your health is our first concern . We want to know if there is an underlying cause to your symptoms or if further tests are needed to determine the exact cause.

Once the problem has been determined we will begin treatment or refer you for co-treatment.

What is the Treatment?

There are a variety of conditions and they should all have specific treatments. For most injuries we correct spinal movements and muscle imbalances.

How does the Treatment Work?

Spinal manipulative therapy or adjustments. If appropriate, you will receive a specific spinal adjustment to the areas with subluxations to restore the proper movement or position.

Neuromuscular Re-education is a fancy word for restoring proper muscle length and movement. The doctor will stretch specific muscles trying to restore their proper length and movement.

Therapeutic Exercise consists of exercises to strengthen the weak muscles and restore stability to the area. These exercises will be taught to the patient or done in the office.

How long will it take?

This is the second most important question to most patients after will it work. Although we cannot guarantee any treatment, our doctors are well trained in determining your outcome. Many factors go into how long will it take. Age, sex, severity, scoliosis, and underlying conditions to name a few. Your doctor will give you a treatment plan that will outline your most likely progress.

Does it hurt?

The most common response from patients is “no it actually feels good”. With any treatment there may be some side effects of soreness or muscle spasms which will be explained to you before treatment however there is rarely pain associated with the treatment.


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