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Soft Tissue Work

Being active is a part of a healthy lifestyle. When you start to feel an ache or pain, it stops you from doing what you love. If you participate in sports such as tennis, golf or soccer, you likely have dominant muscles that are overused and weak muscles that are underused, resulting in discomfort and sidelining you.

Feeling Better and Getting Back in the Game

At Body Basics Chiropractic, our practitioners treat the soft tissues of the body to balance your muscles. We utilize a combination of stretching, Active Release Techniques®, Graston Technique and more to release scar tissue, balance joints and stabilize the tissues.

You can usually expect to feel some relief in the first three visits, and we tend to recommend about 4-8 sessions in total. You’ll even be given exercises you can do at home to maintain your progress for a few weeks after treatment.

Combining Soft Tissue Work and Chiropractic

You’re welcome to choose to receive chiropractic care along with soft tissue techniques. In some cases, we may even recommend it to you. But we’d never suggest that you get any care you don’t need, and many patients don’t require chiropractic care to get better.


Contact us today to get back to participating in the things you love!

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